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Below are a handful of resources shared through workshops and presentations.

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Learn About Collaborative Improv

Collaborative Improv Workshop with David Farkas from IA Conference on Vimeo

In May 2020 I had the privilege of sharing a half-day workshop with the IA Conference community, entirely digital! Check out the teaser video and learn about Collaborative Improv!

Length: 5 Minutes

Recorded May 2020

Collaborative Improv: 1-Hour Workshop Slides

Since 2015 I have shared a 1-hour Collaborative Improv Workshop. A version of the slides are available above. Variations of this content have been shared at:

  • Content Strategy Philly Community Event, September 2019 (Pictured above)
  • PhillyCHI Community Event, April 2019
  • PixelUp, 2019
  • BarCamp Philly, 2017, 2018
  • World IA Day 2016, Richmond
  • Midwest UX 2015, Pittsburgh

Collaborative Improv: Half-Day Workshop

Curious about some longer content? Explore the slides from the half-day workshop above. Variations of this longer content have been shared at:

  • DCUX Conference Half-Day Workshop, November 2017 (Pictured above)
  • PhillyCHI Community Workshop, May 2017

Additional Workshops

In addition to the half-day and introductory workshop, I am open to exploring individually curated workshops based on your needs. Focussed workshops include:

  • Meeting Facilitation & Communication
  • Presenting & Confidence
  • Body Language & Emotion

Please contact me with questions about crafting a workshop specific to your needs. Custom workshops may run from 2-4 hours.

Collaborative Improv: Workbook

Attended a workshop in person? Curious about what you can take home with you? Explore the Workshop Workbook, provided to attendees of a half-day workshop.

If printing this at home, I suggest printing as a booklet.

Mind the Product: Don’t Call it Improv

A conversation with Lily Smith and Randy Silver, hosts of Mind the Product Podcast (listen now) about improvisation for product design.

Length: 33 minutes

Recorded November 2019

One important thing to note about ‘Yes and…’ is that saying yes to someone does not mean that you agree with them. It’s about acknowledging that person, what they’re sharing with the team, and sharing for the product.

UIE: Collaborative Improv

An online version of Collaborative Improv’s 1-hour workshop hosted through UIE’s All You Can Learn Library.

Length: 32 minutes

Recorded September 2019

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