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How might we find the strongest offer by pushing forward and exploring the unknown?

Level of Difficulty:





Stand in a circle. One person steps into the middle and someone on the outside offers an absurd prompt. A common example I use is “sharks are really puppies stacked together in a rubber suit”.

The person in the middle then agrees with the prompt and starts a 60-90 second explanation of why this is true. Continuing our example, they would say

“Of course, sharks are just puppies stacked together in a rubber suit. That explains why sharks go after people, they want to play fetch. And have you ever felt a puppy bite your arm? Sharks don’t realize how big they are…”

The explanation concludes with a round of applause. Someone new steps into the circle and the process continues until everyone has gone.

Practical Application:

How can we use repetition of a question to buy time when responding to inquiries? How can we use information we know to talk through a solution? For those of us who prefer writing to speaking, what might the journal-analog of this exercise feel like?

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