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How can we explore storytelling and narrative through details? How might we embrace storytelling as both introverts and extroverts?

Note: This is a variation on Premise Lawyer sharing stories based on a prompt.

Level of Difficulty:





Stand in a circle. One person steps into the middle and someone on the outside offers a single word suggestion of an object or place. This might be “lamp, ocean, or sunrise”.

The person with focus then closes their eyes and says the following:

Sunrises remind me of ___ where the blank is something it reminds them of.

Then, with their eyes, close, they tell a story about that thing. For instance:

Sunrises remind me of a bike ride I took in high school. We woke up at 4AM to bike up a mountain. I am only 15. We wake up and I begrudgingly put on my clothes. It’s freezing. It’s Seattle in July…

The story should be told in present tense, as though the person with focus is living the story in the moment. Monologues should last 45-90 seconds. Then another person should gain focus (through Sound Ball or a similar focus-sharing exercise) and tell a story about a new prompt.

Remote Teams

For remote teams, leverage focus and video cameras to pass the storytelling to different members of the team.

Practical Application:

How does closing our eyes and telling a story in first person build emotion? How does this build empathy for a situation? Where Premise Lawyer is based on creating a fictional story, how does using personal narratives support and inform communication?

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