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Pocket Treasure


Explore how storytelling and personal anecdotes build empathy and depth.

Level of Difficulty:



Pairs of two


Break up into pairs of two. Have a room moderator set a time for 2-minutes. One person from each group should take something from their personal belongings and should tell a 2-minute story about what this object is and what it means to them. It can be as generic as a Bic Pen, or more personal like a family photo, or something in-between like a receipt from lunch.

The person not telling the story should actively listen to what the storyteller is saying. Don’t ask questions. Don’t interrupt. Be present and listen.

After two minutes conclude, reset the timer and swap roles so both participants tell a story.

Questions for Discussion

  • How is it talking for 2-minutes without interruption?
  • How is it listening for 2-minutes without interruption?

Practical Application:

How can we encourage team members, stakeholders, and customers to tell us their needs without interruption? How might active listening encourage more detail? When might it be important to add or ask for clarity, and when is it important to let our conversation partners offer detail?

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