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Only Questions


Explore how questions provide clarity to our characters and motivations while experiencing the limitations of being stuck only in questions.

Level of Difficulty:



2-person scenes, with additional team members to “swap” in


Gather a location that would fit on the area you can use as a stage. This could be a coffee shop queue, an elevator, a public bus, or anything else.

Start a typical, grounded scene. The main goal is to create a scene where you only use questions, no statements. Any time a character in the scene makes a statement, teammates on the sidelines make a “buzz” noise. The team member who made the statement steps out of the scene and a new team member steps in, continuing the scene.

For instance:

Member A: Do you think it is going to rain today?

Member B: What do you want to do if it does?

Member A: I want to go to the movies

Team: BUZZ! Member A steps off the scene and Member C joins

Member C: Do you want to go to the movies?

And the scene proceeds…

After 2-3 minutes feel free to call scene and start over with a new location or prompt

Practical Application:

When are questions more valuable than statements? How can we use this to challenge our assumptions? To challenge stakeholders and team members in contextualizing their needs and expectations?

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