Superpowers and Kryptonite


This is a good exercise for Status & Hierarchy, but also for building a collaborative team environment.

Level of Difficulty:





This exercise may be done individually on note cards or in a shared tool such as Trello, Mural, or Miro. If using an online tool, participants should create their content in a single column with their name. The benefits of the virtual tool is visibility of everyone’s Superpowers and Kryptonite.

Let’s start with some definitions.

Superpowers are something you are especially gifted, or confident at. You may be a seasoned public speaker, or a great writer. Maybe your superpower is always meeting deadlines or bringing snacks to the meetings when everyone else forgets. Superpowers can be big or small.

Kyrptonite is the thing that you feel hindered by. Maybe you are not as confident as a public speaker, or meeting deadlines is a challenge.

Individual Practice. Now that we understand the definitions, everyone should take 5-minutes to identify 3-4 Superpowers and 2-3 Kryptonites. If completing individually, this may be on note cards with one superpower or kryptonite per sticky. If in a virtual space, this may be done on the communal Trello, Mural, or Miro board.

Review. For public/online tools, allow everyone 5-minutes to review the board as displayed. For in-person sessions, ask everyone to post their individual cards on the wall for everyone to see.

Time and team size permitting, allow each person to discuss one superpower they wrote about and how they hope to bring that skill to the team and one kryptonite and how they hope to overcome and grow those skills.

Practical Application:

Teams are made of dynamic individuals with different skillsets and expectations.

Rather than assume team norms and roles, how might we externalize our expectations and understanding of one another?

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