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Rock Paper Scissors Thunderdome


Originally under General Warmup Games, Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) Thunderdome supports collaboration and encouraging success across a team, regardless of who appears to be winning.

Level of Difficulty:



10 or more

While this exercise can be done with fewer people, the excitement increases with the number of players.  


The game is rock-paper-scissors (RPS). And it’s a battle to the last person standing. The rules are simple:

  • Start in pairs of two (if you have an odd number one person sits out the first round).
  • Make sure to introduce yourselves (first names)
  • Play a single round of RPS. If you have a tie (e.g. two paper) throw again.
  • When you have a victor, that person proceeds to find another victor for another single-round elimination of RPS.
  • The loser becomes the cheering squad for their victor. So at the second round, two players each have one supporter.
  • A single round of RPS is played, identifying another winner.
  • That winner now has three (3) members of their cheer squad.
  • They compete against another victor (also with 3 people cheering them on)
  • The cheering squad continues until there are two contenders, playing a single round of RPS with the entire room cheering on one person or the other.
  • Declare a winner and have a prize (candy and bragging rights always work)
40 players cheering on Jen and Jenny, the final two contenders for RPS Thunderdome at DCUX, 2019

Not familiar with Rock Paper Scissors? Check out the WikiHow instructions.

Practical Application:

Not every idea makes it to creation. How can we better support the ideas that do succeed? How can we see our influence in the ideas that succeed?

As we lose, either in the first round or fourth round, how can we accept the circumstances and cheer for the success of our colleagues?

How can we leave our ego at the door and cheer for the success of the group overall?

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