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A variation of Yes-And


The best way to communicate the value of Yes-Anding our colleagues is to play the anti-game. Let’s see how negation feels.

Level of Difficulty





Using the same rules as Yes-And, use the phrase “No Instead” at the top of each suggestion. Spend 3 minutes crafting a different holiday party. Statements could include:

  • We should have a holiday party that’s beach themed
  • No, instead let’s have the party at a bowling alley
  • No, instead let’s just go to the movies

It’s easy to see how No-Instead gets stuck in the early phases of the party planning. For some continued discussion, see the questions below.

Practical Application

When should Yes-And be used in a brainstorming session and when might No-Instead be more appropriate? What is the application in brainstorming sessions, prioritization sessions, critiques, and elsewhere?

See More General Warmup Games

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