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Yes And


This exercise offers the ability to build and support our teammates. This may be used in brainstorming sessions.

Level of Difficulty





Yes And is a simple party planning game. In groups of 3-7 start planning a party. This could be any party but for the sake of examples, we will use a company holiday party. Go in a circle making suggestions about what the party should have. For example:

  • We should have a holiday party that’s beach themed
  • Yes, and we should have sand all over the office
  • Yes, and we should turn the heat all the way up, so we don’t realize it’s cold outside

And so on. Keep going around the circle for 3 minutes. While instinct might say “wait, sand in the office, that’s a horrible idea” the nature of this game is to follow the fun and see where it takes us.

Practical Application

How can Yes-And be used in brainstorming? In accepting a research participant’s perspective on the world? On acknowledging a client or stakeholders request for more services or clarity?

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