World’s Worst Disco


To build energy and to build camaraderie.

Level of Difficulty:



Group Game


For this game, one person should play DJ. As this is called “world’s worst disco” we want the DJ to find intentionally bad music. Bad is subjective. I’m a fan of this playlist on spotify which is full of songs that will get stuck in your head more than particularly bad ones.

Now that you have your playlist, start playing the songs – 15-20 seconds each and then skip to the next song.

The point is that everybody dances with a high-energy feel, however they want. There is no rhythm. There is no coordination. It’s raw energy.

For Remote Teams & Limited Mobility

Understanding that mobility may be limited due to various constraints, I encourage individuals to join the Disco sittings, standing, or in whatever position is comfortable. This isn’t about showing off dance moves but feeling the music as it surrounds us.

Practical Application:

An improv coach once told me “play at the speed of fun”. Just as this exercise is intended to allow us to express ourselves based on our own comfort levels, we want to build products at a pace comfortable to us. When might more frantic brainstorming be appropriate and when do we need more measured critique? How might we design at the speed of fun?

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