Sentence Waterfall


A variation on Word-At-A-Time, Sentence Waterfall supports remote teams to collaborate and warmup without the benefit of being colocated.

Level of Difficulty





For this activity, you will need to use the chat feature in your online meeting tool. The activity facilitator will offer a prompt. This could be something grounded in the project domain (everyone think of a feature you want to implement) or something less project oriented (everyone think of your dream vacation destination).

Now, everyone should enter their response in the chat window. On the count of three, everyone presses ENTER.

In this way, everyone is encouraged to participate. While there is some muddiness in the content overload, it also shows the breadth of interests, ideas, and people involved in the meeting.

Practical Application

How might we leverage remote tools in a more human way? How can remote meetings be used to build connections and not just a list of requirements?

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