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Everybody Let’s


Everybody Let’s is a physical warmup focussing on building consensus.

Level of Difficulty





Please note, individuals should feel free to adapt this exercise to accommodate their comfort and abilities. Please comment below how you have adapted the exercise, or what other activities you use to separate our mental selves before, during, and after meetings.

Stand in a circle. One person starts by saying “everybody let’s” followed by a sounds or a motion, This could be clucking like a chicken, walking around like a robot, or anything else. Please be considerate of the space and your peers, in other words avoid pushups.

After a few moments, someone else in the group can interupt and say “Everybody Let’s” followed by another suggestion. Continue until everyone has made at least one suggestion. Suggestions may include:

Everybody let’s cluck like chickens (walk around room making chicken noises)

Everybody let’s be pirates! (walk around saying ARRR MATEY)

Everybody let’s take naps! (everybody finds a relaxing position)

Practical Application

How might Everybody Let’s provide context for conversation? In meetings, it is easy to derail a conversation. Stepping away from physical behaviors, how does Everybody Let’s discuss a specific need focus a meeting conversation for a finite amount of time?

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