Third Thought


How does pattern lead to greater ideation? How do thoughts and ideas build on one another?

Level of Difficulty:





Orient yourselves in the circle. Or, if remote, define an order through an exercise like Red Ball, Thank You or Soundball.

Ask for a suggestion from the group of any single word. If remote, look to use an exercise like Sentence Waterfall.

The first person will make two word associations. For instance, if the suggestion is beach the first person may say:

Beach reminds me of Wildwood, which reminds me of arcades.

The next person in the order picks up where the last person left off:

Arcades remind me of video games, which reminds me of Super Mario Bros

We continue down the order, each person picking up where the previous left off, adding two new things. We can go around the order once or multiple times. Try not to repeat things already said.

Super Mario Bros reminds me of Tetris, which reminds me of Gameboy.

Gameboy reminds me of travelling, which reminds me of airplanes.

Airplanes reminds me of vacation, which reminds me of the mountains.

Practical Application:

Now how did we get from the Beach to the Mountains? Many folks might say they are more a beach person or a mountains person. But by building on each others’ thoughts we can expand our own perspective and explore new and novel ideas.

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