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Sit, Stand, Lean


Explore how environments and circumstance change throughout our meetings and experiences, and gain comfort shifting with the unplanned.

Level of Difficulty:



Groups of Three 


You will be creating simple 3-person scenes. Choose, or ask from a colleague, a location that fits in the space available. This could be locations like a bus shelter, the DMV, or a movie theater lobby.

Start a grounded, 3-person scene. The premise and characters are less important than the following constraints. At all times, one person must be:

  1. Sitting
  2. Standing
  3. Leaning (or lying down)

Do what feels comfortable and listen to your body. The main criteria for this exercise is you can change position. The sitting person may find they want to get up and walk across the space. The other two players (the standing and leaning person) need to adjust to this change so that one person at all times is in each of the three positions – Sit/Stand/Lean.

After 3-4 minutes, call scene and discuss.

Practical Application:

A lot can change in our project teams. Constraints and requirements are in flux. Team members may be reassigned to projects. And stakeholders and approvals may be difficult to obtain. While this exercise explores physical changes in our environment, how does this awareness translate to the products and teams we encounter?

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