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No No No (a.k.a. Well Actually)


How does pattern and repetition build across a theme? How does defining terms ensure clarity?

Level of Difficulty:



Group Game (3+)


The goal of the game is rhyme various words while misdefining them. While that sounds abstract, let me offer the following example. Each person will ultimately stop the definition (once they know what the person is describing) and offer a new, rhyming, incorrect definition.

I want to tell you what a sea is. A sea is a green vegetable that you cover in butter and eat at dinner.

Now, the first person to know what the green vegetable interrupts.

No, no, no, That’s not the sea. That’s a PEA. A pea is a curved letter seventh in the alphabet.

Again, when someone knows what is being described, they interupt.

No, no, no. That’s not a Pea. That’s the letter G! The G is a tiny insect that gets on my pet dog making them scratch,

No, no, no. That’s not a G. That’s a FLEA! A flea is something I need to do when I drink a lot of water…

And so on. The “round” ends after a handful of turns and then the group can start over.

The goal is to incorrectly define the word and to try and (loosely) rhyme.

Practical Application:

We all come from different backgrounds. Think about designers, developers, and product owners. What a prototype means to each discipline might be very different. How does defining our terms at the start of projects and activities ensure the team is working towards a collective goal?


I was first introduced to this game during an Applied Improvisation Network remote social-hour/game-hour. Unsure of how to best teach this game given the mansplaining nature of the game title, I have put this on the back burner. Then, the 2020 Democratic Caucus in Iowa happened. And to be frank, I still don’t know how a caucus works compared to a primary.

I digress. @AmySilvers came up on my twitter feed with the following post and upon clicking down the rabbit hole, I saw that a game of No No No was being played, organically, by the internet as a whole. Go ahead, click down the rabbit hole.

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