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2 Person, 3 Person


How does our behavior, and our collaboration, change with the addition of more stakeholders in a situation?

Level of Difficulty:



Participants should be familiar with Peas in a Pod before playing 2-Person, 3-Person.


3-Person Scenes


Star with a simple, two-person scene. It is best if the scene is based around Peas in a Pod, where both players share a single point of view. Ask for a location that would fit in the provided area, such as a play area at a house. A sample of dialogue from the 2-person scene may be:

I hope we can beat this level of the video game!

I know, we’ve been trying for hours!

You’ve got it, I believe in you!

Allow the scene to run for 2-3 minutes.

Now, start the scene over, with the addition of a third person. This “second” scene should follow the lines, beats, and cadence of the first scene as much as possible. The third player might be present from the beginning or could join within the first minute.

I hope we can beat this level of the video game!

I know, we’ve been trying for hours!

KIDS! Your lunch is ready!

We’re busy! You’ve got it, I believe in you!

The scene should run for 2-3 minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t remember lines exactly, and feel free to change dialogue to adapt to the changes the third player brings to the dynamic.

Discuss the different dynamics and ensure everyone get’s to be the “third wheel”.

Practical Application:

How does our collaboration change as we grow the number of participants?

Our real world dynamics with peers in the same discipline often reflects Peas in a Pod. The 3-person scene introduces the dynamics of including other stakeholders. This might be a pair of designers including the development team, or the product team including stakeholders.

How might we better plan for, accommodate, and introduce larger group scenes and meetings to reduce the change in dynamics over time?

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