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Conversation in a Pod


To explore the balance between mirroring and parody as a practical application in conversation.

Level of Difficulty:



2-Person Conversations


This game builds on the lessons of Peas in a Pod in a practical manner.

Divide into pairs of two. Sitting or standing, ensure there are no physical barriers between you and your conversation partner (e.g no desks blocking your view of one another).

Start a typical conversation about a non work-related prompt. This may be about weekend plans, favorite food, or anything else.

As you converse with your partner, pay attention to their body language. Are they sitting with their arms open or closed? Are they leaning in or sitting back? Each of you should pay attention to your partner and aim to mirror their body language.

Do not worry that there is not a single, defined leader in the conversation. Instead, follow one another’s body language being mindful of when you feel you are leading or following, and how that impacts your perspective to the discussion.

Practical Application:

When did you feel you were leading the conversation, through body language or tone?

When did you feel you were following, or mirroring, the body language?

When, or how, did you feel the control shift from one of you to the other?

We encounter status dynamics everyday in work. How can body language and mirroring elevate our status while respecting and engaging with our stakeholders and colleagues?

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