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Who Am I


Who Am I is a more advanced version of Pass the Face.

Who am I is about building energy identifying a character through our natural behaviors.

Level of Difficulty:





Stand in a circle. Make eye contact with someone else in the circle and say the word “Who”. That person, in turn, makes eye contact with someone (could be a different person, or the same one) and says “Am”. The focus is again passed with the word “I”.

Repeat the cycle, passing focus, rotating the words “Who-Am-I”.

Listen the how the word is being passed. Where in Pass the Face we wanted to imitate the sounds and the motion, focus on passing the new word (who, am, I) with the same tone. Listen to how the tone changes and morphs as it is passed.

Over time, you may start to feel a character evolve around how the words Who-Am-I are being stated.

Continue passing focus, but start to say single lines of dialogue in that characters tone. For instance, if Who-Am-I was being passed in a quiet, shy manner, we may suddenly pass:

I don’t know where my parents are

Have you seen my kitten?

Do you have a phone I can borrow?

The goal is to express a point of view, starting with a tone and evolving into a larger expression and character.

Advanced Play

After passing Who-Am-I and evolving to passing phrases, one player may step forward and perform a 30-second monologue as that character. Continuing the example above this could follow:

I was at the amusement park with my family and i let go of my balloon. Watching it float away I then realized my family kept walking and I didn’t see where they went. Can you help me find my family?

Practical Application:

How might Who Am I be used in place, or in addition to personas? How might we understand our colleagues and stakeholders perspectives by approaching a conversation from their perspective?

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