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Pass the Face


Pass the Face also works as a general warmup game.  

Pass the face is about building energy and building a character through sounds and motion.

Level of Difficulty:





Stand in a circle. One person starts by making eye contact with the person to the left or right of them and makes a sound and physical movement. For instance they may say “boo” and move their hands away from their face. The person who receives focus then turns to the person next to them and repeats the sounds and motion. The idea is to play “telephone” with the sound and motion. You are not trying to imitate the first person, but the person immediately before you. Watch the nuances of how the hands move, the face sounds. Try and move quicker as you go around the circle, “playing at the speed of fun”.

Advanced Play

Once you are comfortable going around in a circle, feel free to add some variations:

  • Going left or right
  • Going across the circle

Remember to maintain eye contact as you pass and share focus.

Practical Application:

While better suited for a general warmup, how might Pass The Face build energy, find consensus, and build unity in our teams? How might we use pass the face to build empathy in a more subtle way for our customers and stakeholders?

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