Collaborative Improv at the IAC

TLDR – This March, I’ve been invited to share Collaborative Improv: Building Better Products through Improvisation at the IA Conference through a half-day workshop. If that’s enough to convince you register now and use the code WSPK50 to save $50!

For those that need a little more convincing, and for some additional background, keep on reading.

What is the IAC

Formerly known as the IA Summit this conference and community is a place that fosters growth and lives up to its mission of supporting new and emerging voices in the industry. From the First-Timers Dinner, where conference veterans dine with conference first-timers to welcome them, to the Speakers Room where speakers can rehearse their session and gain critique from seasons experts, the event strives for a place of community and welcome. This is in addition to the social events such as Karaoke and Game night which are always a blast.

What is the IAC to me

The conference community has been my professional family. I have met some of my closest friends through the various events tied to the Summit (Conference). In Fall of 2010, I was fortunate that the (last) IDEA conference was hosted in Philadelphia and I met Abby Covert. As she rose to the challenge of co-chair for the 2012 New Orleans IA Summit conference, she invited me to be the marketing/social media lead. That was without attending the conference previously. After New Orleans I’ve attended the conference in Baltimore (first time presenting at the conference), San Diego (again in a marketing/social media capacity) and Chicago (presenting UX Research alongside Brad).

There is a nice coming home to New Orleans as my first regional conference in the community and getting to share Collaborative Improv on the same schedule as Abby keynotes.

What you’ll learn

Collaborative Improv is not meant to make you a performer. And I don’t want anyone to worry about being on a stage, the need to be funny, or anything else. Improv, to me, is like mindfulness. It’s an opportunity to relax and unwind. And it’s not meant to be scary.

While I use improv to unwind, it also offers a lot of practical lessons. In our industry we talk a lot about active listening, supporting our colleagues, and following the strange thing to uncover latent business needs.

These lessons apply to improv as well. And in improv, the stakes could never be lower. So how can we adapt our listening and exploratory skills through the analog of improvisation and apply it to work?

Now, I should say Improv is not the only way to learn these skills. It’s a channel I have found very valuable over the last 10+ years and I hope to share my perspective and frameworks with you!

Collaborative Improv workshop from DCUX, November 2019


Don’t wait, spots fill up and I’d love to see you in April! Register now and use the code WSPK50 to save $50 on the workshop!

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a line on twitter (@dafark8) about what interests you about Collaborative Improv!

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